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Why Fizzybot?

Get qualified leads quick

A lead-generation bot custom-made for you, designed to grow business, fast.


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The easiest way to turn browsers into buyers.

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Get leads faster than forms

Friendly, intuitive chats instantly engage visitors, encouraging them to share information to close more sales.

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Built-for-you conversations that convert

We do it for you! Behind every Fizzybot is an expert team adept at converting traffic. Your first bot is custom designed for FREE, then you just pay a monthly fee.

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Always be closing

Fizzybot converts traffic in real-time, delivering qualified leads right to you and your sales teams.

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Our promise

Fizzy's different from other bots

Lead-capture you don’t have to build

Other chatbots claim ‘no-code required’ but drop you into an endless loop of complex flow-charts.

Behind my bubbly personality, experts create progressive conversations that convert.

Conversations you don’t have to write

Other bots expect you to script intuitive online chats, emojis, and messages that resonate with potential customers.

You don’t need to learn how to code or use flow charts. Our experts will do it all for you!

Sales leads you don’t need to pre-screen

Other chatbots take on sales, support, service and more—then fail at all of them.

I do one thing really, really well. That’s engage and qualify your future customers.

How it works

No scripts to edit or flow charts to finagle

Answer some questions from Fizzy and pick a chatbot type

Our team customizes your bot (for FREE!) then sends you the required code for your site.

Visitors engage with Fizzy, freeing up your sales teams, while providing more leads, sign-ups and bookings.

How does Fizzybot work with my website?

We’ve designed 5 ways to seamlessly integrate with your site to get you more customers.

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Our customers

Focus on results, not on building a chatbot

"Fizzybot partnered with us to design a bot that increased product activation by more than 7k%!"

David Kramer, Chief Product Officer

“Fizzybot’s team wrote, design, and built a multi-lingual lead capture conversation that we deployed next day!”

Larry Graziano of Playa Negra Realty

Capture more qualified leads

“I’m so done with marketing tools that under deliver. Fizzy hauls in qualified leads our sales team can confidently close.”

Land more webinar sign ups

“Class registration increased 50%. Best of all, I didn’t need to learn how to use a bot-builder or tell it what to say.”

Book more appointments

“Fizzy design teams are a lifesaver. They know how to engage customers and book more appointments.”

Our most popular plan

Getting you up and running is made easy with our most popular plan—all at only $99/month.

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One full setup, featuring chat copy + design and code ($1,999 value)
Live fully designed chat flow
24 hour turnaround
Up to 5,000 chats
Includes Fizzybot branding
Collect lead data (email + phone & more)

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